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The following testimonies are some awesome examples of the power of God

Testimony Number 1:
This awesome testimony was sent given to me by my good friend Rachel.

This is a true story reported by an Overseas Missionary Fellowship missionary at his home church. I don't have where the article came from, but I could get it if necessary.

While serving at a small field hospital in Africa, I travelled every two weeks through the jungle to a nearby city for supplies. This requires camping overnight halfway. On one of these trips, I saw two men fighting in the city. One was seriously hurt, so I treated him and witnessed to him about the Lord Jesus Christ. I then returned home without incident. Upon arriving in the city several weeks later, I was approached by the man I had treated earlier. He told me he had known that I carried money and medicine. He said,"Some friends and I followed you into the jungle knowing you would camp over right.

We waited for you to go asleep and planned to kill you and take your money and drugs. Just as we were about to move into your campsite, we saw that you were surrounded by 26 armed guards." I laughed at this and said, "I was certainly all alone out in the jungle campsite." The young man pressed the point, "No sir, I was not the only one to see the guards. My five friends also saw them, and we all counted them. It was because of those guards that we were afraid and left you alone."

At this point of the church presentation in Michigan, one of the men in the church stood up and interrupted the missionary. He asked, "Can you tell me the exact date when this happened?" The missionary thought for awhile and recalled the date. The man in the congregation then gave his side of the story. He stated, "On that night in Africa it was day here. I was preparing to play golf. As I put my bags in the car, I felt the Lord leading me to pray for you. In fact, the urging was so great that I called men of this church together to pray for you. Will all of those men who met to pray please stand?"

The men who had met that day to pray together stood - There were 26 of them!

as told by: Steve & Bonnie Huffman

Testimony Number 2:
This testimony was sent to me by my friend Alex.

Who hasn't heard of the ship TITANIC??? Have all of you heard of it??? I bet you have. Well, just last night, I found out why it went down!!! As you may or may not know already, it was THE largest ship ever built by human hands!!! And on that voyage day, the day it first set sail, a ticket to get on it and get a ride was $42,000! Now, back in
1912, that was A LOT of money!!! Well, as you can guess, all the passengers were millionaires!!! The man that was worth the most, or had the most valuable belongings on the ship was worth $150 million dollars! And the day it was ready to go out to sea, just about an hour before it, when all the champaign was going out and all the glitter and confetti, the men who built it, the same men who worked on it with their hands stood on the deck and raised their fists at Heaven. And eye witness accounts say that these men said "See GOD, See what we did without you." "See what we could accomplish without any of your help?" "AN UNSINKABLE SHIP" A ship that was soo big, only 1/3 of it was showing above water! And as they set sail, as everyone was downstairs in the ballroom, as you probably already know, the TITANIC hit an ice burg. And as rumors
floated around the ballroom floor, everyone was getting excited and going up to the upper deck and saw that they hit an ice burg. And everyone was reaching out, grabbing some snow to put in some coolers and take it home to their children, and everyone grabbed ice and had snowball fights right there on the ship. And at the time, they didn't know they were playing with what was soon gonna kill them. And as the big "UNSINKABLE" ship was going down and sinking, everybody was frightened. Most of the floatation devices that were on the ship were just there for decoration, and everybody threw them over board and jumped and hoped that the one they land in was the one that had a cap in it and it would save them. And fathers threw their kids in it, hoping that it would land in one that would hold them afloat! And eye witnesses say that that man that was worth $150 million was looking for a life raft to get onto, to save himself, and there wasn't a seat to be found, and all that money he had could not help him, could not save his life. And eye witnesses said that the people were jumping over-board into the fridged waters, trying to save themselves. And there was a pastor on board the ship that also ended up in the water, and he preached to the people in the water and 5 and 10 and 15 and 5 and 10 people would get saved and accept Jesus Christ the Lord of their life and 5 more and 5 over there and 10 more over there, and eye witnesses say, that over 300 people were born again that night in the water right before they entered all of eternity! And that Pastor that was there kept going under water and people would think that he's gone and they'd see him come up again and this happened a couple of
times. and one time, as he was sinking and sinking, he kept saying "I'm going down... I'm going down... I'm going down..." and eye witness accounts say that right before his mouth went under water, he raised his hands toward Heaven and said "No, I'm not, I'm going up!!!" And out of 1,500 people that died that night, only about 300-400 were born again. The band that was playing in the ballroom started playing a hymn right before it went down. And all because the crew that built the "UNSINKABLE" ship said "See GOD, see what we built without you" And I guess this was GOD's way of saying, "See men, see what happens when you do something without me".......

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